A transactional token created by DiGi Holdings Limited, in strategic partnership with:

Jubilee Fintech Holdings Limited

The owner and operator of Jubilee Exchange, an online token trading platform.

Digi Bank

An offshore bank sited in the Commonwealth of Dominica, providing consultative services to the project.

Decentralized Intelligent Global Instruction

It is envisaged that the DGCoin Blockchain will be supported by two applications:

Jubilee Exchange

DG Pay

These services are intended to come together to offer a decentralized and widely deployed online infrastructure that would be the foundation of providing cross-border financial services to participating persons. This online infrastructure, including the DGCoin Blockchain, the Jubilee Exchange and the DG Pay app is referred to as the “DGCoin Ecosystem”.

DGCoin Ecosystem

The DGCoin Ecosystem is intended to comprise 4 functional layers:


The Foundational Layer

The foundational layer comprises the DGCoin Blockchain, a private Ethereum network blockchain maintained by a decentralized network of miners and masternodes under the Delegated Proof of Stake model, which maintains the overall ledger of DGCoin, Jubilee Exchange and DG Pay FIAT related transactions. The Foundational Layer also includes the Jubilee Exchange itself as well as the DG Pay app.


The Peer to Peer Layer

This layer is intended to comprise individual and peer to peer financial services such as international remittances, FIAT and cryptocurrency trading, etc. These services operate on the foundational infrastructure provided by the Foundational Layer to offer transparency, security and reliability in a decentralized fashion to individual participants.


The Decentralized Wealth Management Layer

This layer is intended to comprise community driven wealth management services such as a payments solution, micro-financing, business loans, project crowdfunding, etc. It is our vision that these services will operate on the foundational infrastructure provided by the Foundational Layer, riding on the DGCoin Blockchain’s intelligent and secure instructions to a global pool of FIAT and token wallets, to offer cheaper, faster and better means of wealth allocation to all members of the ecosystem.


The Global O2O Implementation Layer

This layer relates to the vision for the deployment of a global network of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Service Kiosks that would help bring certain mass market services such as cash deposits and withdrawals, basic banking instructions and electronic payments (such as payment for utility bills) to specific geographic locations across the world.

The Global O2O Implementation Layer

The DGCoin offering and its proceeds will be used towards the development and continual operation and upgrading of the DGCoin Ecosystem. The DGCoin itself is intended to function as the payment method for all transactions within the DGCoin Ecosystem.

In the long term, we believe the application of blockchain technology in such a way where token and FIAT currency transactions are linked, will lead to the creation of a new global financial standard, in which we depart from conventional channels and the immense costs of transactions, and enter a world of decentralized financial services where every member of the community is a service provider at some level. Service charges will be kept to a minimal as there would be much less centralized costs (if any).

Our vision is that this will be, in its full scale, a decentralized and deployed financial services network that will allow both the unbanked and under banked population to enjoy low cost financial services that cover then widest range of needs.